Benefits for Individuals / Organisations

Individuals who attend our training have the opportunity - through practice, observation and feedback – to become highly proficient in analysing and recognising areas that need improvement. We will provide staff with a toolkit of powerful techniques and processes. They are taught the necessary skills to actually recognise issues in the ‘now’ and to implement the necessary changes ‘on the spot’.

Staff will be encouraged to challenge the information they are taught and see it in practice. It is our mission to ensure that all staff are equipped with the skills to become aware of their unconscious thoughts and to become aware of the choices that they have. Staff are guided to get in touch with their authentic selves thereby ensuring that they operate from a place of honesty, integrity and self-awareness. These skills allow individuals to ‘get out of their own way’ and provides the opportunity to fully participate in interpersonal interactions.

This assists individuals to become increasingly present and to constructively engage in all types of communications.

People emerge from sessions more focused, more motivated, more effecient, and more productive.

Meanwhile, companies can reduce their turnover, gain the full attention of their workforce, and create a culture of true teamwork, where personal progress continually drives the success of the organization.

LTL HEALING is passionate about the development and human growth potential of all people and we are committed to the pursuit of excellence for every individual.