Sessions, Lectures, Workshops

Depending on our client's requirements, we have the ability to offer a variety of services. These include:

q           Personality Profiles

q           One-on-one sessions

q           Small Group Sessions

q           General Lectures

q           General Workshops

Personality Profiles

A personal in-depth analysis of the individual. This is done in order to identify the manner in which the individual acts, and re-acts, to positive or negative situations in their lives.


LTL HEALING offers one-on-one sessions and group sessions that unlocks the potential within each individual and maximizes performance.

Our sessions are based on identifying negative unconscious beliefs, and emotional triggers, that keep people stuck in limitation. Once these unconscious beliefs are identified, individuals are able to stop having their ‘buttons’ pushed and are able to identify why they keep repeating the same negative cycles in their lives (whether this be in the work environment or in their personal lives).

Participants are able to identify the unique skills they require in order to remove anger,  resentment and frustration out of all their relationships and to perform their day to day duties with confidence, joy and understanding for their fellow human being.

All sessions are not only informative in nature, but solution-oriented. This means that you will not only know why certain dilemmas exist, but you will receive step-by-step solutions and methods of handling yourself and other people in the various ‘negative’ situations you may find yourself.

One-on-One Sessions

Our one-on-one sessions are performed in a completely safe, private and confidential environment allowing individuals to feel safe to express themselves.

They receive the opportunity to identify their self-imposed limitations and thus gain clarity regarding themselves and their choices.

A comprehensive upfront evaluation can also be performed for the participant prior to a private session.

Personal sessions assist individuals in identifying their unconscious negative beliefs that keep them stuck in limitation. These sessions will cover topics on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

Each session lasts one-and-a-half hours, in which time the individual expresses a specific problem and then identifies the new possibilities for transformation.

Small Group Sessions

Upfront evaluations can also be performed for the participants prior to a group session.

We create in-depth, interactive sessions based on the specific needs and requirements of each individual.

As such, we offer sessions that are wholly exclusive and are developed around the unique personality qualities of each participant. Rather than simply providing a generic course/session, we customise each session to the specific needs of the participants, to ensure that each individual gains the skills that are required for their own personal development.

These sessions are offered to individuals / departments who have the same or similar problems. These sessions can cover any type of issue that affects the whole group, such as: work cohesiveness, getting on with each member of the team, working towards a common goal, maintaining the same vision and mission, empowering each other, helping each other, handling conflict and stress, etc.

Our sessions are energetic, motivational and interactive,using a wide range of facilitation methods and communication skills.

Lectures and Workshops

Each lecture / workshop is highly interactive and is tailored to your corporate needs and includes real-life examples, ensuring that participants can effectively learn, develop and practice the required skills while feeling supported in a safe and nurturing environment.

All skills learned assist each participant in leading a productive and fulfilling life, which naturally also contributes to a workforce capable of providing efficient and effective quality service. Each participant will walk away with quantifiable benefits and will be able to implement all skills immediately.