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Who moved my God ?

Published in the Astrological Society of South Africa's newletter: March 2006

Written by : Lana Lewis

It was extremely interesting for me to attend the lecture given by Steven Henson, at the last ASSA meeting, held in February 2006. His teachings / beliefs centre on the concept "How does God become conscious of himself?" As I was listening to him talk, I kept thinking about how these ideas relate to my perspective of the world and reality around me.

I own 800 books, from psychology, self help through to Astrology. And yes, I have read 90% of them. What I found was that most books that try and explain The Truth, Finding Inner Peace, and Connecting To God never actually tell you how this is achieved. All these individuals seemed to have had an epiphany sometime in their lives, which changed their lives and beliefs radically. But the question still remains : "How did they get the epiphany?" When they try and explain these ideas and concepts to others, they seem unable to find the right words. It appears that only once you have your own epiphany can you finally relate to what they are saying.

It was due to the above that my frustrations reached epidemic proportions. "Show me the way" should have been my war-cry. It was easy to understand the concepts conveyed but I did not 'feel' them and did not know what I was meant to do in order to have the same epiphanies that others had had. And above all, I did not want to have to go through some terrible life threatening near-death experience or illness in order to have that life altering epiphany.

So many world renown personalities and authors have all had these 'negative' experiences prior to finding enlightenment. I want to learn from these people's experiences and not have to have a life changing experience only after something earth shattering has happened to me.

And so began my search. I needed something concrete to relate to; something that was of this world; something tangible. There had to be a way of understanding the workings of the universe and God without meditating 10 hours a day, travelling to Tibet and India, finding myself a Guru, or getting ill.

And that is when I latched on to the idea that we are indeed the microcosm of the macrocosm. As above so below, and as below so above - our astrological war-cry. This idea has been around for centuries and there had to be more to it. There is a deep Truth in this statement and it should not be taken lightly. So I began my research to fully understand what was meant by this statement. And therein lay the answer to my question. Indeed all the answers to our questions about life, the universe and God, must be found on our earth, if not within us.

Now let me add that I wrote my book "Getting to No Me", during a Neptune transit. In fact, Neptune was transiting my Ascendant. I am thankful that I did all my research prior to this transit, otherwise who knows what I would have written about. As I was aware that this transit was about to occur, I prepared myself as best I could and ensured that I had plenty of savings to live off. I had read all the horror stories about 'ego-wipe out', loss of work, relationships, etc.

I was blessed that the only thing that happened, after owning my company for 8 years, was that I did not have business for this period. Since I had prepared for this transit I was able to flow with it rather than bemoan my loss of income. And then I analysed what I was being offered by this transit.

My guides had been telling me to write a book for more than 12 years. So I was a bad listener. I realised that for me there was no better time than to write an inspirational book during a Neptune transit. The day I completed the book my phone started ringing again and I was back in business. So although I was affected by the energies of the planets, I was also able to utilise this energy/power to create something that could impact others positively.

Now let us go back to the idea that man is indeed the microcosm of the macrocosm. This means that everything that happens within us, is also happening outside of us.

I do not believe that I am a co-creator with God. I believe I am literally a part of God. And knowing this, I no longer need to search for God. That is an impossible task.

The question remains as to why people have the need to search for God, to understand the thoughts of God, to worry about how God becomes conscious of himself. Does it matter? If you are a part of God then whatever happens around you are other parts of God affecting you and visa versa.

In 2005, I chose to make my ideas and beliefs available to other people. This became a reality when I finally released my book "Getting to No Me" in March 2005. I initially chose to call the book "Who Moved My God?" as people seem to be on a search for God, as if God is a separate entity to themselves.

Each religion believes in their 'own' God and most believe that their way to God is through their specific religion. I should have known that the title would cause an outcry and so I changed the name of the book.

As you can tell from the new title, which is a play on words, once you Know Yourself you realise that there is No You. We may be separate entities but we are all united as One. We must be, if we are the microcosm of the macrocosm. Each star, planet, asteroid or comet may be a separate entity but they all make up the universe. As humans we are all unique individuals but also part of a greater whole.

I agree with Steven Henson when he says that there is no separation between you and God. Like the stars and planets, I too am a part of the universe. I simply believe that humans have been blessed or cursed with an 'ego' that makes them believe that they must be more important than they actually are. Perhaps our only part in life is being born, just like animals are born, plants are born and planets are born.

The first point that you need to consider for yourself is whether you believe God is a separate entity to the Universe, or whether God is the Universe. As human beings we love to personalise everything. We refer to 'My God', or 'Our God'.

Saying that God is the Universe seems to be a foreign concept to many people and does indeed shock others. So many people believe that God created the Universe, but then where exactly is this mighty God. Where does God 'hang out?' Does he sit on the fringes of the Universe? And is this possible if the Universe is limitless? Perhaps the universe contains an intelligence that we simply cannot understand or relate to.

Let us go back to the idea that we are the microcosm of the macrocosm. Now if I am the microcosm of the macrocosm, and in my belief, the macrocosm is the Universe which is God, then everything that happens 'out there' must happen within me as well. So let's get our hands dirty now and define some concrete examples.

If the entire Universe can be reflected in me, my body, then in relation to the Universe, I would simply be one tiny little cell. What happens if you were a little Liver Cell from 'Liver-ville?' How would you relate to the body in which you were born? Could that Liver Cell ever meet the owner of the body? How would that Liver Cell perceive its reality? Would the Heart Cells from 'Heart-ville' appear different and strange to you?

Every cell in your body may perform a different function but they all comprise of the same components, such as, a membrane, nucleus, DNA, etc. Everything that happens within the body, affects different parts of the body, just like the whole body is affected by the energies of the planets around us.

It is quite horrific to some people to consider that when something negative happens to them, God is not even aware of it. Each day when you get up and shower, you shed hundred of thousands of skin cells. Are you aware of this? Do you shed a tear when you wash off your skin cells? Do you grieve when your hair falls out? Perhaps I should not use this as an example as I know many men who do indeed shed a tear when their hair falls out - but that is for different reasons. The body simply replaces the cells that it looses. When an organ in your body becomes ill, it may affect other organs, in the same way that the planets affect us.

I think, those blessed with the knowledge of astrology can understand these ideas and concepts more easily. Do you think the planets know that they are affecting us? I would have to answer No to that question. Life happens to us, but if we believe in the concept 'as above, so below', then we too can impact what happens around us.

I believe that it is our emotions that cause us to take everything personally and to view life from our perspective as if we are indeed the 'centre of the universe'. Now let me state quite categorically that I do not understand those people who spend their lives trying to shed their egos or negative personality traits. If I am the microcosm of the macrocosm then I encompass every personality trait known to man. The only difference is that I may not utilise certain personality traits during this life time because circumstances do not occur that would cause me to display these characteristics.

Taming the ego or perhaps accepting those qualities you do not like is far more acceptable to me than trying to rid myself of my ego. I was born a human being who has an ego so why would I reject this part of myself? Does your body reject parts of itself? I think we should embrace the fact that we have an ego. We are, after all, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. I do not believe that the only way to reach enlightenment or to be considered a spiritual being is by denying the ego. It has a place in our world just like everything else.

Consider the following. If we chose to be born a Liver Cell then why do we wish to be a Heart Cell? Why don't we just be the best that we can be with what life has offered us?

For me, I want to be the best Liver Cell I can be and hopefully that will impact and affect the Liver Cells around me. Do I want to meet my Maker? No! Do I want to know the thoughts of my Maker? No! Do I want to experience what my Maker experiences? No!

As astrologers, let us rejoice in the gift of astrology which gives us the ability to utilise our strengths, which empowers us to be the very best people possible and to contribute to our society. For a deeper understanding of the concepts discussed above, you can refer to my book 'Getting to No Me' which is available from my website.

Copyright (c) Lana Lewis