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Epigenetics - Gene Control

Posted : May 23, 2016

Also posted on since I was a Board Member of the Repatterning Practitioners Association, USA

Written by : Lana Lewis

I came across the term Epigenetics many years ago when studying Family Constellation Therapy. Since FCT is now an integral part of Resonance Repatterning, I thought it would be of interest to everyone to learn about epigenetics. Resonance Repatterning is all about resonance, and since we inherit our family system’s genetics and beliefs (epigenetics), we thus resonate with our family system’s negative beliefs and physical issues, as well as our own.

There are some awesome videos on Epigenetics that I found on YouTube. There are also quite a few articles on the internet, although not very many as this is a new ‘science’.

I hope all RR Practitioners, as well as everyone else, will find benefit from incorporating these ideas and concepts into their lives.

Below is one of the best videos I have found discussing epigenetics. It is hosted by SciShow and available on YouTube.