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Positive Creations used for Evil

Posted : August 28, 2016

Also posted on: since I was a Board Member of the Repatterning Practitioners Association, USA

Written by : Lana Lewis

It was my Jewish New Year in September 2015. I chose to attend synagogue as I love to hear the Shofar (Ram’s Horn) being blow, which ushers in the New Year. The Rabbi gave a lovely sermon about a human being’s potential and how easily our power can be abused. It is our destiny to be the best that we can be and to achieve success by being of service to our fellow human beings.

The Rabbi shared a story about a Jewish man who lived in Germany in 1909. This man created a pesticide that was used to kill insects. Because it was toxic, he added a chemical ingredient to the insecticide so that it gave off a terrible smell in order that human’s did not mistake it for another substance.

In 1933 he was no longer permitted to work in Germany and needed to find a way to escape the impending war. A few years later the Germans took this insecticide and removed the foul smelling chemical and proceeded to use this formula in the gas chambers in the concentration camps. It is very sad that a man created a pesticide that was to be used to kill bugs, and this same chemical was used to kill millions of people in World War II.

It is astounding how quickly humans can take something that was created for good and use it for evil. We all have the potential to be all-powerful in our creations, and yet we have the same potential to use our power to do harm to ourselves and others.

It is our duty and destiny to be aware that whatever we create in this world can be used for ‘evil’ purposes and thus to be conscious of what we create.

We can, however, never be sure how our creations will be used by others. All we can do is manifest creations from a place of ‘goodness’, with the intention that they be used in their original state. So perhaps we all need to set an intention before manifesting a new creation. The power of good and evil seems to permeate our very existence and as such, we cannot outrun the negative or evil, but we can resonate with the power of the positive.