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ISBN : 0-620-33915-2 - 120 pages - Genre : Inspirational / Mind Body Spirit
Reviewed in the August 2005 edition of the Renaissance Magazine and Aspects Magazine. Reviewed by WhySpirit and SpiritualWorld.

Radio Interview: I was interviewed by Kathy Kaler on Tuesday, 7 April 2009 to discuss my book "Getting to NO Me".
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Getting to No Me takes less than an afternoon to read, but offers you the opportunity to reinforce your relationship with yourself, others and a higher entity, which can last a lifetime.

Using our body as an analogy, Getting to No Me tells the story of a liver cell named Cella, (a metaphor for our Ego) and a probe named Nome (a metaphor for our Soul) as they journey through the body of MoW in their quest to find the owner of the body.

With the conclusion of the parable, you are gently invited on a quest to discover your place and role in the Universe. Anyone who has ever felt discouraged with their circumstances or perhaps questioned their purpose in life will be encouraged and inspired by the concepts addressed. The heart of the book deals with those eternal issues of mankind's ideas about himself and his relationship with others and the Creative Source - be it defined in terms of God, Spirit or Energy.

Simply and elegantly written, the message adopts an inclusive and non-judgmental approach and is thus appealing to spiritual seekers of all faiths and creeds. In essence, it provides a unique and easily understood framework necessary for a deeper understanding of spiritual matters and their importance in living an inspired, meaningful and responsible life.

The notions of divine inspiration, meaning and responsibility are crucial and empowering elements within the message, affording you many simple and profound truths, with the capacity to transform your view about the world and the impact you can have upon it.

The idea that the Creative Source is timeless and yet both inside and outside even the most ephemeral of created forms in the universe is the key. The idea that we have all been provided with everything we need to live the good life empowers us to turn the key, and the door of ego swings open to reveal a world of possibilities along with their corresponding responsibilities.

Knowing that we all share in the same Creative Spirit makes it almost impossible to desire harming others. With the dawning of this realization our responsibilities to others and ourselves become clear. Apportioning blame to an uncaring God or an implacable Nature is now rendered senseless. The responsibility for positive action suddenly rests squarely upon our own shoulders. But, amazingly, the burden is light, the load no longer heavy.

We are no longer able to shirk liability and constructive action. Rather, we are encouraged to view ourselves as God's diverse representatives to one another. As such, we are both custodian and guide to the natural and social world we are all blessed to live within.

Children and teenagers will also benefit from Getting to No Me.

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