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Updated and Revised - 21 November 2008

ISBN : 0-620-34457-1 (978-0-620-34457-9) - Genre : Self Help - (400 pages)
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Living Life Consciously is unique and perhaps controversial in its content. Based on age-old scientific methods it identifies each individual's exclusive purpose in life, as well as the lessons that he or she has chosen to experience on both a physical and spiritual level.
As the ego and the soul come face to face on this earth plane, they become intertwined, and must learn to experience life holistically and from a common viewpoint. Thus begins the battle for both personal and soul growth.
Living Life Consciously shares with you your soul purpose, soul lesson and life lesson, each components of what constitutes your purpose in life. It reflects on your gifts and lessons, and how to actively and consciously implement them in your life in order to experience personal and spiritual enlightenment.
Life is ultimately about experiencing, learning, and living. As you learn to love, appreciate and acknowledge every facet of who you are, you begin to experience your absolute potential through your innate power and uniqueness, which invariably brings fulfillment, happiness and inner contentment. Together, the ego and the soul dance symbiotically to the rhythm of life.
Living Life Consciously will assist you to expand your awareness and thus encounter the blessings that life has to offer as it begins to flow more smoothly for you. Instead of battling to swim upstream you learn how to consciously manoeuvre your way downstream, going with the flow of life, rather than against it. You will learn how to interact with others and the dynamics of your relationships that either help or hinder you in your development towards self-growth and self-acceptance.
Living Life Consciously teaches you that your purpose in life is not only to share your unique talents and abilities with others, but more importantly how to use your strengths to develop and embrace those aspects of yourself that you reject, thereby creating a 'whole' individual. Ultimately the ego and the soul are transformed and unite through the knowledge that they are inextricably interconnected. Together they create a harmonious, creative and constructive foundation needed to experience the joy and abundance available to us all.

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