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Client Feedback and Comments

1 Christina - 2 Sharon - 3 Tanya - 4 Thea - 5 Jackie
6 Sandip - 7 Kerry - 8 Kaminee - 9 Doris - 10 Willem
11 Amin - 12 Gelareh - 13 Mokgadi - 14 Ewelina - 15 Laura

(1) Dear Lana,
I just want to thank you for the wonderful Resonance Repatterning session I had with you. It made a huge difference to my life. I cannot express my thanks in words, but I think that you know.
I especially appreciate the kind, nurturing space you provided for me to let go and get to the source of my problems. I know I can be very stubborn sometimes. I will always remember you for softly leading me into my new possibilities.
My life is just perfect! I am successful in my career. My finances are looking better and I found the absolute love of my life. Most of all, I found my Life Purpose. I am truly blessed.
Be proud that you had a lot to do with helping me to prepare me for my new life.
Lots of Love, Christina

(2) Hi Lana,
I had a wonderful session with you. I went feeling very shaky and left feeling much much better and in days following the session, I have felt generally lighter, hopeful, more energy and positive. I could literally 'feel' the shift at the end when you muscle-checked all the statements. It was as if that was a healing modality in itself. Thanks Lana!
Kind Regards, Sharon

(3) Dear Lana,
Thank you so much for including me in your group for the Resonance Repatterning. As I initially had no idea what this process was about, you were very concise and patient in explaining what we were hoping to achieve and how it could benefit me. I really appreciated this, as you continually kept me in the loop as to what we were doing next, how we got there and why we were doing specific actions necessary to clear these old patterns.
You made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with the whole process - which was great as I do not relax all that easily.
I thoroughly enjoyed the session and feel I have benefited from it. I feel like there is shifts in terms of old mental patterns taking new approaches and thought patterns.
Thank you SO much Lana, and I really look forward to our next session!
Lots of Love, Tanya

(4) Hi Lana
Thank you very much for the Resonance Repatterning session that I had with you on Saturday. As you know I have had about four or five sessions five years ago with another practitioner. From what I can recall, Saturday's session has been the most profound. We uncovered an incident in my youth, which inhibited my spontaneity and caused a lack of direction in my life. At your session, I released the trauma of this incident and the emotions, spontaneously (which is a first for me!).
Thank you ever so much.
Love and Joy, Thea.

(5) Lana – I would like to share with as many people as possible the effect that Resonance Repatterning has had on my life. When I first came to you for Resonance Repatterning, about two years ago, I was scared of the whole world. I was like a mouse who was too scared to live because of my past experiences, so I decided to shut off from everything. Resonance Repatterning has taught me how to feel like a whole person. Resonance Repatterning has taught me how to stand up for myself rather than internalise anger and self-destruct. It has taught me how to be a more compassionate human being and that everyone needs a bit of love, where before I saw everyone else as the enemy. It has taught me how to apply my intellect for not only my own benefit but for the benefit of my employers and the company that pays my salary by simply being more open. It has taught me that loving myself and loving others is all we have in this short life time. Thank you Lana for giving me that and for making such a difference in my life.
Love you lots, Jackie

(6) Dear Lana, I had a great facilitation of release of issues through the healing that you provided. I know that you are spot on, on prevailing issues, and they shift. I am in awe of your gift, talent and power! Bless you and may you continue to transform lives with the sincerity that you work with.
Love Sandip

(7) I had a moving and enlightening session in which, a warm and safe space was created to explore and shift deep-seated, unconscious emotional wounds’.
Love Kerry

(8) I arrived at my first session in tears, shattered and torn. And within a week or two I felt empowered and uplifted. My resonance repatterning sessions with Lana made me feel, and most importantly, believe that anything I wanted was within my grasp. Since then I've made a lot of shifts in my life and would love to continue with my healing. Thanks Lana

(9) My first session with Lana was in February 2002 and I was so impressed with my first session that I have returned for more sessions several times. I have enjoyed each Resonance Repatterning session and have experienced major shifts in my life after each session. I commend Lana on her abilities to patiently ease her clients through their experience. During the course of friendship, I have witnessed Lana's tremendous growth facilitated by Resonance Repatterning. I would highly recommend Lana to anyone who wishes to further enhance their spiritual path.

(10) I have visited Lana on 3 occasions this year for Resonance Repatterning sessions. My visits with her were for, among other things, serious emotional issues I have carried from my young childhood into my adult life. Through the sessions we had, I have found new ways of approaching life and to put old troublesome issues to rest.
As a Resonance Repatterning practitioner, she does so with confidence and professionalism. During my very first session, I had a very serious energy constriction. She handled it very calmly and collectedly and got me back on track so that I could also be relaxed and benefit from our session.
Lana is a very kind, lovable and loving person. The energy she projects, and her positive attitude with which she tackles the sessions, puts me at ease during my sessions with her.
It is with pleasure that I can honestly say, that in the days which followed my sessions, and the 'homework' I was given to do, my approach to matters have shifted and I am far more positive. As I deal with the outcome of the sessions, I put experiences that happened, or happen to me, in proper perspective.
I really feel that I am going forward emotionally and spiritually, and that I enjoy the 'results' of my sessions with Lana. I will definitely return to her when I am receptive to deal with the remaining outstanding of life's little issues I still have. Other people can also surely benefit by giving her a visit. She is highly recommendable.
Sincerely, Willem

(11) Dear Lana,
I have been working with you over the last 2 1/2 months, and as much as it has been hard to look at myself, you have made me look at myself honestly, without judgment, which is something I haven't done in the last 46 years of my life. To me you are my gardian angel who was brought to me by higher powers, not by chance, but when I needed you most. I am so thankful to you. You are helping me change my life from inside out.
Thank you again for everything you are doing for me, my gardian angel.

(12) Lana has helped me move forward by facing my fears of being happy. My experiences with her are always gentle, caring and I feel secure. Thank you Lana.”


(13) I wanted to thank you for your time and insights today - I highly appreciated it.


(14) Working with you is a work in progress and a blessing overall as I keep on discovering subconscious patterns and removing them in order to create a new quality of life, new quality of creation and co-creation with Love. You have helped me immensely to transform my relationship with my parents, which has always influenced me throughout the years causing body image issues, lack of self-love and many kinds of relationship problems. It was rooted in emotional abuse during childhood and caused harm to my sense of self.
We have done family constellation and found out that I have taken over the role of a father who was emotionally absent and I formed a very close spiritual relationship with my sibling who died just a couple of days after he was born, in order to deal with a very emotionally unstable mother. The unresolved issues connected both, with the role of my father, my mother’s loss, and unhealthy family dynamics, led to a very disturbed upbringing and a need to remove myself emotionally and physically in my twenties from my family of origin, create a new tribe and a self-healing practice that led me to you.
Thanks to a very powerful and transformative method of resonance repatterning, and family constellation, I am now emotionally free; I see myself in a new light. I embrace my sensitivity and learn how to love myself on a daily basis. As I change, I see my parents’ transformation. They do not show so many signs of toxic need to control, criticize, shame, or blame. On the contrary my father for the first time in my life says very loving words like ”my lovely daughter”, he pays me compliments and is calm and present. My mother does not have a need to make me into whatever form she wanted me to be in the past. She allows me to be diametrically different to what she is, including my spirituality and religion, my relationships and life style overall.
I know that now being in my thirties I am able to create a life that is led by love and light, forgiveness and acceptance. I am allowing the higher power to take over any and all issues, problems and perceived imperfections. I accept my story and I know that I am connected to divine love that is healing and mending it all through powerful individuals like you.
Thank you. Ewelina

(15) Dear Lana
I really just wanted to send you a mail to say thank you. Since seeing you my heart has been feeling so light and I have woken up every day with a renewed sense of peace and enjoyment for my life again. Every person I meet says "Lau, wow you look great!" or "you look so happy and your energy is awesome". Best part is that I FEEL whole and content and grounded.
After the first few sessions I was not sure how I would respond post session. I was emotionally and physically shattered after the second and third sessions, however, it really was to my benefit.
After the sessions, in the days that followed, I noticed that the deep fear and anxiety feelings about my "nothingness and hopelessness" faded very quickly and are like distant memories now. You held strong on your promise that you would walk the path with me, allowing me to help myself heal through your capacity as a strong supportive healer to provide feedback and energy in the most relevant way, in that session.
I was and have been able to have the clarity of thought and calmness of mind to realise that I want to further my skills and career into the line of Osteopathy and am making plans for next year April to have everything in SA wrapped up so that I can move to the next chapter of the story to get the Osteopathic process going. It's felt so easy and right, and my heart feels light knowing I have started making plans for my future. Something that I have been indecisive about for 2 or more years! What relief being able to make a decision finally!
I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel towards the work you do and the time you gave me. I have told several people about you and passed your details on as well. In all the feedback from the referrals I have sent they all admitted to feeling shattered post session with you; however we all agree that we find lightness in our lives more than before, in the days after our work with you.
I made the best decision ever to see you and will most definitely see you again before the end of the year just to have a session on whatever is present at the time. Right now I honestly am just so centred and whole. I am just enjoying everyday as it comes. Not living every day in the hopelessness of the moment and being swallowed by that exhausting feeling of my fears is beyond liberating.
I had my 35thbirthday on Thursday and it truly was a turning point for me by being my happy and light self again.
Thank you again... you helped me back to finding my heart's joy and my life.
Lots of love Laura.