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Introduction to Resonance Repatterning

Essential Information
Rate R 900.00
USD 150.00
GBP 150.00
VenueAtholl, Sandton, JHB
In Person, Telephonic, Skype, WhatsApp
Time1.5 hours
Available sessions7 days a week
Payment Cash or direct deposit. Payal accepted.
I have been a student of Resonance RepatterningTM since 1999 and became a qualified Level II practitioner in March 2004.
I have been participating in Family Constellation Therapy since 2006, having attended the necessary courses to offer this intensive therapy on a one-on-one basis, by telephone, by proxy or in groups.

This unique healing modality is used to change your negative unconscious beliefs that keep you stuck in limitation. We are all affected by negative influences throughout our lives. These influences can start when we are in the womb and continue until the day we pass over.

Resonance Repatterning is a modality that facilitates the changing of these negative beliefs into positive beliefs.

A session lasts anywhere between 1 to 2 hours, in which time the practitioner assists the client in resonating with a new possibility or belief. Changes are instantaneous and the client walks out of the session resonating with a new positive belief.

Sessions can also be done by proxy, that is, you do not need to be physically present when the session is being performed.

Resonance Repatterning Credentials - RR Association (SA) - RPA Association (USA)

Resonance Repatterning Credentials

Accreditation Date HR Accredited Teacher
Level 1 HR PractitionerNovember 2001Shady Sirotkin
Level 2 Certified HR Practitioner (USA)March 2004Ardis Osborne
Seminars Attended Date HR Accredited Teacher
Empowering Yourself with HRMay 2002Lori Forsythe (New Zealand)
HR, The FundamentalsAugust 1999Laura Nordling (South Africa)
HR, Transforming Primary PatternsSeptember 1999Chloe Wordsworth (USA)
May 2001Lori Forsythe (New Zealand)
May 2002Lori Forsythe (New Zealand)
HR, Transforming Unconscious PatternsSeptember 1999Chloe Wordsworth (USA)
May 2001Lori Forsythe (New Zealand)
May 2002Lori Forsythe (New Zealand)
HR, Transforming Chakra PatternsNovember 2001Shady Sirotkin (USA)
March 2004Arids Osborne (USA)
HR, Transforming Meridian PatternsNovember 2001Shady Sirotkin (USA)
March 2004Ardis Osborne (USA)
HR, Principles of RelationshipMarch 2003Chloe Wordsworth (USA)
HR, A New VisionMarch 2003Chloe Wordsworth (USA)
HR, Energetics of RelationshipNovember 2003Chloe Wordsworth (USA)
August 2006Chloe Wordsworth (USA)
Holding the Healing SpaceNovember 2001Shady Sirotkin (USA)
Healing the Family System IJuly 2008
March 2009
Carin Block (Mexico)
Healing the Systems II
Family, Groups and Organisations
March 2009Carin Block (Mexico)
RR Association
Conferences Attended
Date Place
USA Conference May 2001Phoenix, Arizona, USA
SA Conference October 2003Johannesburg, South Africa
USA Conference November 2003Sedona, Arizona, USA
RR Study Group Date Place
Study Group with other RR Practitioners 2018 (Weekly)Online

South African Resonance Repatterning Association

I was a committee member of the South African Resonance Repatterning Association for a period of two years from 2002 to 2004.

Repatterning Practitioners Association (USA)

I was nominated and joined the American Repatterning Practitioners Association as a Board Member and Administrator in June 2015 and completed my duties on 28 February 2019. I assisted with all administrative duties, including membership renewal, membership updates, email correspondence with members, maintaining mailing lists (Aweber), blogging, attending monthly board meetings, assisting with the yearly RR conference, etc.

I also took over the duties of Secretary in July 2018 and completed my duties on 16 February 2019.

From October 2015 to December 2015, I redesigned the existing RPA website and created a new simplied and easy to use website, which was used until 2017. The website was replaced with WildApricot in 2017.